Our First Illustration


My background is in Interior Design, and I was never taught how to use Adobe Illustrator. I dabbled with it here and there for our laser cut models, but never thought I would be creating a brand solely using Adobe Illustrator. 

My Journey of learning this program begun when I took my internship with WDI. I still remember the pure panic of  "AHHH, I think I might be able to successfully open this file without messing things up." Well, I got really lucky. I had a mentor and fellow intern friend who was so willing to show me and teach me the way. 

Ever since then, I fell in love with learning and using Adobe Illustrator. This is my first custom piece I created for my best-friend. Due to COVID-19 we weren't able to meet up, especially because we were living on the other side of the country. So I created an custom illustration piece to surprise her.