Who We Are

Meet Joyce and Oscar:

Hey Buds!

We are Still Blooming Co, a small business owned by your favorite Korean-American couple based in the Greater Seattle area. We (Joyce & Oscar) met in school in Arizona where Joyce studied Interior Design and Oscar majored in Business. In the middle of the pandemic, we decided to create a brand that eventually became Still Blooming Co. If we had to describe what Still Blooming Co is, it is an emulsion of our personalities, aesthetics, and values. We're glad you found us and hope you join us on this journey together.


Our Values

Process over Perfection.

While we strive for perfection, we see the beauty in the process of things. If we are 1% better today, then we believe this was a good day. Not only as creators, but we try to grow as individuals, a couple, humans, etc. This is where our brand name comes from. We are "Still Blooming" each and everyday, hoping that we are one step closer to "perfection."

Kin of Kindness.

We believe in kindness to all people, our planet and its inhabitants. We hope that our brand and products shows kindness by being inclusive and eco-friendly. Our products are designed for anybody that loves art and design. Although we are not entirely recyclable or organic, we keep the earth's longevity while planning all our products.

Wonders of Wanderlust.

Between the two of us, Joyce is definitely the "traveler" of the group, but we both find inspiration from our travels as well as our upbringing. Joyce grew in the desert of Arizona, while Oscar was raised in the weather-ridden PNW. These two unique environments has strongly influenced our brands. We also are avid-travelers, and although we haven't been able to travel with the pandemic going on, we hope to explore the world to draw inspiration for our brand.